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Welcome to the world of meticulous handiwork and traditional leathercraft.

Be more than just original.
Be unique.

For all those willing to take their prestige to the highest level.
With a smile on your face you will watch people constantly getting upset about their worn-out “top-branded” belts that had probably cost them a fortune. Paying only a fraction of what they had paid, you will lose count of all the years the leather P.G.B belt has served you.
Tailor-made leather organiser with your business logo, fancy monogram or your favourite motif will certainly make your everyday responsibilities much simpler. Not only will it become your office tool but also an irreplaceable jewell.
Leather wallet and a credit card case in a uniform design tailored to your needs. Not only can you use them as a unique present but also as a very useful leather accessory with a lifetime guarantee.



Tailor-made leather products.

Choose from a selection of goods or simply make a request and I will make you an original product.

Tailor-made belts

Choose from our selection of colours, buckles, provide your waist circumference and I will make you a belt that will last you forever, a belt that nobody else will ever own.

Organiser with your logo

Organiser made from cowhide leather will become a companion nobody will overlook. Your logo or initials engraved in it will be a clear sign, that for you perfection is a must.

Wallets and cases

Everybody can buy designer leather wallets. But you can become the one and only - a proud owner of a wallet with your own initials. I can make a wallet along with a credit card case in a uniform design as a set.

And more

Mobile phone cases, knife sheaths, bags and backpacks, but also hair clips and key rings. If you are interested in a different type of leather product I have not mentioned, feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Simply fill out the form below.

Pure nature

I only use bare hands for processing, dyeing and final adjustments of leather. All materials are natural - water based dyes, beeswax, lanolin, fish oil... No machines, no chemicals, no counterfeits.

Unconditional lifetime guarantee

With no fine print. I just believe in my work and you can believe in it, too.

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Leather belts

Choose your genuine leather belt with a lifetime guarantee.

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Leather organisers

Custom-made leather organisers and diaries. See the selection of various decorations.

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Leather wallets

My customers usually order leather wallets with credit card cases as a set.

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Custom-made leather organisers and diaries. See the selection of various decorations.

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Hair clips, key rings...